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Computer Company Business Plan - 2564 Words

Current Market Status Target Markets and Brands XYZ analyzed available market research data to identify target segments that would be profitable and fit with our strategy. As a result, we identified three initial target markets Ââ€" the Cost Cutter, Workhorse, and Traveler. Use patterns and demand data for these customer segments are shown in Appendix A. Customers in the Cost Cutter segment desire an economical product Ââ€" essential, easy-to-use functions at a low price. We have developed the Charger brand for this market Ââ€" a nicely equipped model, yet the lowest priced in the industry. Our efforts to provide an affordable model have awarded us 69 percent of the market share for this segment. This market is attractive because of its†¦show more content†¦Like SBS, 3B is targeting the Workhorse and Traveler markets. 3B s manufacturing facility is located in the US, and they have sales offices in the US and Europe. Their lower performance can be attributed to higher production costs and fewer sales offices than the competition. Innovation, Inc. is currently trailing all other companies in the industry in both financial performance and market share. Innovation is targeting two markets with lower demand Ââ€" Traveler and Innovator. They have built their manufacturing operations in the US and have placed sales offices in the US and Europe. Innovation is trailing the other companies in the industry due to the lower demand segments they are targeting, increased production costs, and lower sales force productivity. They do have strong ratings for investment in the future, indicating that they are positioning themselves to be more competitive in future years. Company Analysis XYZ has developed several strengths that we will continue to maximize to help us develop a sustainable competitive advantage. These key strengths are: • Strong focus on investing in the future • Industry leader in manufacturing productivity • Among industry leaders in workforce management and productivity In addition to the strengths outlined above, we have also identified several weaknesses that the company must overcome to be successful. Our key weaknesses are: • Workhorse is ourShow MoreRelatedMerging Benefits at Huge Computer Company733 Words   |  3 PagesThe Case: Merging Benefits at Huge Computer Company Two major high-tech companies, Huge Co. (HC and Computer Co. (CC), have recently merged to form Huge Computer Company (HCC) and are now starting to combine the operations of both. A key issue of the integration has been how to treat the benefit and retirement plans from the two-companies—in particular, how to blend the plans for the software engineers, who are key to the continued success of the new company. Read the following case and write anRead MoreBus 210 Swot977 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness 210 SWOT Analysis Danielle Jones October 10,2010 JavaNet Internet Cafà © is the first of its kind located in Eugene, Oregon. The goal of the company is to broaden the community’s accessibility to affordable Internet through social interaction and entertainment. JavaNet is the creation of University of Oregon graduate Cale Bruckner. Cale has business degrees in both Marketing and Management. His level of expertise also includes product development, product marketing, team managementRead MoreAudit Case Study : Keystone Computers1480 Words   |  6 PagesAudit Case – Keystone Computers An important decision for any shareholder is deciding whether or not to do business with that company. When a business is audited, the operations are reviewed to make sure that nothing is being hidden. An auditor will review the company’s financial statement and practices to confirm that each are direct and correct. The financial statements are the business’s way of representing them and showing that they are following the Generally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesRead MoreWhat Is An Algorithm?944 Words   |  4 Pagesspecific sequential steps that describe exactly what the computer program must do to complete the required work. Figure 10.4, on page 426, shows the stages that each programming project follows. Step two is where the algorithm is, which is â€Å"making the plan.† The example the book uses is the pharmaceutical companies designing new drugs. When they design new drugs, they have to use complex computer programs that model molecules. The computer s oftware programs help chemists create the new drug in aRead MoreTaking a Look at the G-Computers Company1033 Words   |  4 PagesHOME: G-Computers is designed to help people with IT issues and its job is to provide technical assistance to different corporate and retail sectors across the country. It not only proffers consultancy but also enterprises solutions along with networking which includes sales of hardware and software as well. G-computers is a well-established and one of best rated solution provider of Pakistan. It has always been the hallmark of excellence and perfection since its inception. G-Computers is a proactiveRead MoreThe Business Plan for State-of-the-Art Computer Technology1046 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction This business plan has been primarily prepared in order to find out the feasibility in the implementation of state-of-art computer technology and revolutionary computer product. The other plan like marketing plan, operational plan and financial plan are drawn keeping in mind real scenario of the business and current market. By concentrating on its qualities, its key clients, and the underlying qualities they require, Nerd Patrol (NP) will build bargains consistently in its initialRead MoreA Business Plan For Nerd Patrol1501 Words   |  7 Pages A Business Plan for Nerd Patrol Student’s Name Unit Title Date â€Æ' Introduction This business plan describes the products and services that Nerd Patrol will be producing and offering starting on January 2016. Nerd patrol is a new company that falls in the telecommunication industry and will start being operational within the next one month. The company will be providing individuals and small businesses with a full range of computer and networking services including hardware and software upgradesRead MoreIntroduction to Information Systems1264 Words   |  6 PagesChapter 7 Discussion Questions 2. Why there is a strong trend toward cross-functional integrated enterprise system in the business use of information technology? Cross-functional enterprise system is a group of people with different functional expertise working towards a common goal. It can be the people from finance, marketing, operations and human resources. Typically, it includes people from all levels of an organization. Cross-functional enterprise systems often function as self-directedRead MoreStrategic Planning : Key Component Of A Strategic Plan948 Words   |  4 PagesStrategic planning is vital to the success of a business. A key component of a strategic plan comes in the form of a thorough SWOT analysis. The financial gain of a company can be directly impacted by its strategic plan, and without strategic planning a business or company has no defined direction for the future. Strategic planning aids a business in laying out a direction and path for the business to follow in order to increase its chances of being successful and prosperous. According to the textbookRead MoreVinyl Sign Company Essay717 Words   |  3 Pagesmore data: A vinyl sign company to make vinyl signs at your house can cater to businesses by making large commercial signs or vehicle lettering and people needing lettering on small signs and vehicles. Write a business plan, including any ideas, projections and goals you have for your business and how you plan to achieve your goals. A vinyl sign company can be run from an office building, warehouse or even your own garage. Choose a beneficial location for your business. Include everything from

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