Saturday, February 1, 2020

Classical Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Classical Music - Essay Example ti were the undoubted 18th century music celebrities, with many people associating with their entertaining virtuoso voices that illustrated the musical culture at the time. A critical analysis of the Castro BBC documentary reveals that the documentary investigates the musical aspects of the castrati including private and public details. The castrato involved the use of unbroken soprano voices. It is widely argued that the 18th century performance was done by men castrated during childhood to keep their voices unbroken. Mutilating young boys to achieve this purpose raises numerous ethical issues. The historical context of the castrati reveals the dark aspects of the Baroque opera. From the documentary narrative, it becomes clear that opera had shifted from the use of straight drama to artistic performances using male soprano voices. The male soprano voices could be described as artificial in the sense that they were achieved by castrating boys before they reached maturity. The vocals used in the documentary suggests that the voices are not natural, neither male nor female voices. On the other hand, the documentary illustrates the practice of using male voices for musical voices, especially for sacred music in which women were forbidden. The singers combined unique tempo and musical dynamics with variations in melody and combination of ornamentals to produce entertaining classics. The music was intense and elaborate melodic lines were often used. The use of liturgical musical styles features prominently in the documentary, illustrating the entertaining aspects of the European musical culture. There are also small ensembles of solo performances combined with orchestra tunes. This helps create a unique volume and texture, a feature that characterized European classical music. The documentary depicts the physical perspective and the medical aspects of the operation. The narrator suggests that barber surgeons performed clandestine operations and at times medical

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